Are the MIDI files found on legal downloads?

Yes, all MIDI files found on this site are provided in a legal manner. A license to distribute has been purchased for each MIDI file found on this site.


Why should I pay for a Midi file that I can find online for free?

Downloading MIDI Files from unlicensed sources is illegal. MIDI files are protected by world wide copyright laws and treaties making it illegal to reproduce and distribute unauthorized copies of the data contained within without the written permission of the copyright owner. Purchasing a MIDI through an authorized distributor ensures that royalties are paid to the appropriate copyright holders.


Entertainment artists, like Lady Gaga, are already bazillionaires. Why should I care if they get extra money when I download one of their songs?

The royalties paid from the distribution of MIDI files is not paid to the performing artists' that made the song famous, it goes to the composer/writer of the song. If you composed a song, wouldn't you want to get paid for it when other people played it?


If I purchase a MIDI file legally, does that mean I can do whatever I want with it?

MIDI files and sheet music files purchased on this site are for your personal use only. They can not be redistributed by you unless you buy your own distribution license from the appropriate agency found in your country. They also can not be used in any public performance unless you purchase public performance rights from the appropriate agency in your country.

When you purchase a MIDI file through this site, it is exactly the same as purchasing a music CD, or MP3 from or Itunes. You can play the file with your equipment, but you cannot resell or profit from the music purchased in this manner.